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Gambling Tips and Strategies

This section provides basic information on gambling tips and strategies. We believe these information would be useful for a player. However, we do not guarantee that you will benefit from these information.

We believe gambling is just an entertainment not a way to make money for living. Some people win and some people lose although they may or may not use any strategy on gambling. Luck has played an important role on winnings. Do not gamble if you cannot afford to lose and do not spend all your money on gambling. Seek for help if you have gambling problem.

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Gambling Dos What you should do

  • Before you start play set your budget limit and stick to it. Set also your profit target amount and make it reasonable.
  • Watch how your bet is placed by dealers, they do make mistakes.
  • Leave while ahead. The feeling is great and you are likely to win again next time.
  • If you lose your set limit and cannot bear to watch others gamble, leave.
  • Never borrow money to gamble and don't lend either. Lending money to a friend who is losing badly is a sure way of losing him - and probably the lent money too.
  • Always keep a low profile, whether you are winning or losing.
  • Do your homework before you gamble online, not after. Read the rules, check the terms on bonuses and cashing out, in particular.
  • Check the customer service response before you sign up with an online casino. Make a phone call or send them an email with a question and see how long it takes them to reply.
  • Check if the online casino is a member of a known association. This won't be a guarantee, but it surely reduces the risk of being let down.
  • Be suspicious of anything that sounds to good too be true. It probably is.
  • Learn money management, it is more important than the game itself.
  • If you suspect you have a gambling problem, contact Gamblers Anonymous.

Gambling Don'ts What you should not do

  • Don't be afraid to bet. If you are not up to it, don't gamble.
  • Dont try to impress people by betting more than you can afford.
  • Don't drink and gamble.
  • Don't gamble if you feel tired.
  • Don't increase your bets to try to recover losses.
  • Don't take your check book, ATM card, credit or debit card to the casino.
  • Don't be greedy; if you lose what you have just won, you are.
  • Don't gamble more than your set limit.
  • Don't stay beyond what you have set out to do.
  • Never quit after a win.
  • When you win a lot, don't think it's easy. It may feel that way but it never is.
  • Don't bet more than you can afford especially on a new game or a game that you don't know all the rules of.
  • Don't lose your winnings. Leave when you are up. For example; if up $50, leave. There is a $100 difference if you won then lost and were down $50.

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