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Gambling FAQ

This section provides basic questions and answers on gambling issues. We believe these information would be useful for a player. However, we do not guarantee that you will benefit from these information.

For more information on particular casino, please visit the casino website.

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My Credit Cards were rejected at most of the gaming site, what should I do?

You may have recently found that your credit card was rejected at your favorite gaming sites. This seems to happen only to US players but not UK or other international players. The reason for that is because the issuing banks was prompted by a small percentage of problem gamblers who ran up large debits and then were unable to pay their bill. Rather than address this on an individual basis the major credit card companies are simply refusing to accept any direct gambling transactions. While an inconvenience, this does not mean you cannot play for real money online. A host of secure money transfer options allow you to quickly and safely make deposits and withdrawals to your casino accounts. We recommend you establish one or more of these online transaction accounts now so when you are ready to play or get paid there is no delay. The most popular convenient, easy-to-use, secure and private money transfer services with online consumers are:
MoneyBookers.Com - Available World Wide, Free Account Signup
Neteller.Com - Available World Wide, Free Account Signup
PaySpark.Com - Available World Wide, Free Account Signup

Am I old enough to legally play at online casinos?

Casino play is available only to persons older than 18 years of age, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is the greater. Minors may not under any circumstances play at all the reputable online casinos.

Are my personal information and credit card number safe at online casinos?

The online casinos use state of the art 128-Bit encryption technology to ensure that your personal and card information is protected at all times. However, online casinos may post winners' first name on their website or newsletter for marketing purpose. Some casinos may also share players' first name to determine bonus abusers and other form of casino abusers (e.g. players who do charge back when they cannot afford to lose). It is very important to check the privacy policy and terms and conditions of particular casino before you play at particular casino.

Will my information be released to my local government agency?

All the casinos have no responsibility to and will not report your winnings or information to your local government agency unless you have committed credit card fraud.

I requested a cash-ins but the casino has not paid me, what should I do?

First, please make sure you have faxed all the necessary documents to the particular casino. Most casinos required players to provide valid personal information such as photocopy of ID, bank statement, and power bill statement to verify the identity of the players when they want to cash-ins their winnings. Most of the time we found players did not follow the instructions and therefore causing delay of the payment. Second, make sure you did not breach their terms and conditions especially regarding the free bonus. If you have done the first step and nothing wrong on second step, you can contact us (only if you have problems with those casinos listed on our site). We would happy to follow up the case for you but we cannot 100% guarantees that we can help you to get paid.

Which casino(s) should I choose?

All the casinos listed on our site are reputable and safe. Players can download all the casino software and try them out as they wish for free. However, we recommend players choose only those casino themes that suit their taste. Customer support is another issue that players should aware. Different people receive different treatment at each casino. So it would be a good idea to stick with those casinos that respond you fast and friendly. Other issues you may want to consider when choosing a casino are game quality, payment methods, bonus offered etc.

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